Wednesday, 20 February 2019

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The End of Euthanasia? New Public Intelligence Register Tracks Death Threats & Potentially Defamatory Abuse

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So, the Autistics Against Hate project, previously limited to just a Twitter account alone, is now providing a detailed public intelligence register of threats and potential defamation from the neurodiversity lobby; which latter is mainly, but not exclusively, made up of the self-styled ‘autistic community.’ (The latter, like all so-called communities without exception, represent only themselves; rather than all autistic people).
The register has two purposes.
One is educational: to expose the hatemongering and bitterness of the radical autism lobby.
The second is to provide useful intelligence for those who may wish to pursue either a criminal prosecution, or a defamation lawsuit.

Here is a preview of some things you are likely to see:

AutisticDarkWeb Questioning the Neurodiversity Narrative, exposing their flaws.