Friday, 19 April 2019

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Victimhood vs Inner Freedom: Autistic Dark Web Comin' Atcha!

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One of the most unintentionally hilarious things about the current postmodernist consensus is the bizarre notion that there is something incredibly edgy, provocative and radical about the moronic SJW boilerplate du jour.
TERF-punching misogynists consider themselves to be an oppressed minority, heroically fighting back against their omnipotent and omniscient cisscum oppressors.
The misdeeds of Israel, both real and imagined, are never out of the news; the stabbing of children and weaponisation of arson kites is barely mentioned.
Well-heeled, high profile race hustlers like Louis Farrakhan believe they are oppressed by Jews, religious people in relatively secular and free societies are more worried about ‘homonationalism’ than about throwing gay people off roofs, and manspreading is treated as though it were someow the worst act of mass radical violence and brutality against women since the days of Genghis Khan.
It is thus possible to speak of a paradox of victimhood, whereby the more privileged and cosseted the Safe Space Precious Princelings and Trigger-Happy Doom Duchesses are, the more they present themselves as the outcast and tragically despoiled wretched of the earth.

It is perhaps a little unsurprising that the paradox of victimhood also has its place in disability and mental health; albeit, a very far from noble one.
It is precisely for this reason, that the Autistic Dark Web poses an existential threat to the entrenched privileges of professional identity hustlers and amateur grievance peddlers in the fields of disability and mental health.
But what is the Autistic Dark Web?


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